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Play Store is the largest Android apps store in the world. In this platform owned by Google (originally called Android Market) you can discover and download free all kinds of applications for your device, be it smartphone or tablet. But that’s not all; you can also find games, music, movies and you can rent e-books to read directly from your terminal.

It is an indispensable application and is that without Google Play, there is no Android that is worth. The amount of applications you are missing if you do not have Google Play is immense.

In fact, there are currently over 1 million of applications registered, ready to be downloaded! Being ranked by categories, you will not find it difficult at all to find exactly that application that you need, that you saw a friend or simply adding incredible features to your mobile or tablet.

What is the problem? If you’re reading this, you probably do not have the Play Store installed in your terminal and you’re wondering it.

Why didnt my mobile/tablet come with Play Store installed as standard? 

It’s simple; you can only install Google applications on devices that have exceeded compatibility requirements, which obviously determines Google. To do this, manufacturers must buy a license and pay to install the application store in their terminals and as you can imagine, Chinese mobile and tablet brands prefer not to pay the license to further lower the price of the terminal.

One of the reasons why Chinese mobile phones and tablets are so cheap is this; they save the license price but customers have to get the Play Store on their own. However, you have nothing to worry about as it is possible to install and download Play Store on any Android device and without any complications. On this website we will teach you how to do it.


Know Android version to download Play Store

The first thing to do is find out the version of Android that is installed in your terminal. It’s very simple, just go to the Settings menu and below everything select “About the device” or “Phone information”. From there, there are two possible paths. If your version of Android is Android 2.2 or higher, you’re in luck. The Google Play Store is fully compatible with your terminal and you will not have any problems. If your version is less than 2.2, you will have to get the APK corresponding to the latest version of Android Market, ie version 2.3.6.

Download and install Google Play step by step

From your phone or tablet, go back to Settings and then enter the Security section to activate the option “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”. By doing this, our Android device will not bother us to install applications through APK files. For those who do not know yet, files with APK extension are executable installer files and allow you to install programs on your terminal.

download google play store app

The next thing is to download the Google Play APK file. You have two options, the easiest being to do it directly from your terminal. Download the latest Google Play Store APK and save it to your SD card. The other option you have is to download the program from your PC and then using the USB cable to pass the file to Android. It is somewhat more tedious but equally valid.

Once you have the APK, just install it. Using the file explorer that comes standard on Android, navigate to the folder where the file was downloaded and run it. The installer is very fast and in a few steps you will have the Play Store installed. During the installation some security questions will appear that you will have to answer whenever you have full confidence in what you are installing.

You have already managed to download Play Store in your terminal

When the installer is finished, you will have the Google Play Store. We invite you to open the application and browse the different categories of applications … you may even get lost among so many options that you have so I will give you some suggestions of applications that I install on all my Android devices.

Some basic programs I recommend you to start with are Nova Launcher (an excellent launcher to replace the one that comes standard on Android), Swiftkey (for me the best Android keyboard), Helium (for backing up your system), Flipboard (To read news), Tasker (to program your Android to do practically what you want), Shazam (a song finder) and UC Browser (very good browser).


Google Play is indispensable on an Android smartphone, since it is the store that will allow us to download applications. However, we must not forget that Google Play is an application itself and, therefore, receives updates from time to time. Here we list the improvements of each version.

Google Play Store Version 7.4.09

This last update of the Play Store does not carry great news but greatly simplifies the user interface. With this update it is possible to hide from the classification of the most popular applications, those that we already have installed in the device. This will give us a clearer idea of ​​which popular applications we have not yet tested.

Google Play Store Version 7.3.07

The latest update has focused on troubleshooting only facing the Android 7.1 Nougat. The highlight is that the Play Store icon in nougat can now be round, shortcut from Pixel Launcher, support for 4K (very useful for Chrome Ultra) and a new device certification (we do not yet know exactly what this Certification).

Google Play Store version 7.0.17

The official new version of the Google Play Store has a feature we had seen in some beta versions. You can now expand the screenshots that are displayed on the game or application information page. The best part is that you do not have to deploy the image to be able to move on to the next one.


Android is today the operating system with the largest presence in the world. Users with a smartphone or tablet that have this operating system require applications that help you take advantage of all the resources that your device has and what better way to do it than with mobile applications.

The Google Play Store is the official name for the app store that Google has made available to all users with an Android device: smartphones, tablets, smart watches, consoles, and more. Not only that, but through this store we have access to applications, games, movies, books, magazines and music, it is the most complete that exists today.

The existence of the Play Store goes back to 2012, when it became official the launch of this new platform that came as a substitute Android Market and at the same time merged with Google Music. It currently has more than one million applications and more than 50 billion downloads figures that so far no other application store has been able to match and I do not think they do, since Android continues to grow and other operating systems are still stuck or have decreased its share in the market.

What can I do in the Play Store? 

Having a device with Android is necessary to create a Google account, which will give us access to all Google services, including Play Store, YouTube, Drive, Gmail, among others.

  • Play Store: We immediately have access to millions of games and apps, free and paid for, all compatible with the latest versions of Android. But having this app on your mobile allows you to keep apps up to date, as well as keep up with the latest releases. You can explore for more than 30 categories, you can see which the most downloaded applications are, the best free and paid, the most collect, and so on.
  • Play Movies: access to hundreds of films of all genres, among which we can also find some recent releases. You can buy or rent movies for viewing on the mobile device or using Chromecast.
  • Play Music: is the platform in which we can buy songs, albums or discographies of any artist or you can choose to pay a monthly subscription of 9.99 dollars and enjoy the extensive music library.
  • Play Book: is the section in which users can buy books at very cheap prices, the difference is that this will be saved in Drive and you can read at any time and without needing an internet connection, in addition to what you can do Of free books. An alternative if you do not want to buy physical books.
  • Newsstand: is the section in which you can subscribe to magazines and digital diaries from different parts of the world.



Since the app store came to Android, millions of people, whether free or paying, are downloading all kinds of applications on their devices. Do you know the most downloaded applications on Google Play?

In numbers, in these years Google Play has reached one billion active users in 190 countries. In it, you can find millions of apps, 40 million songs, 5 million books and endless movies, according to the company explained.


Google has published the list in which there are some surprises. Of course, it doesn’t include the apps that come pre-installed on the mobile or Google’s own services.



Facebook’s top competitor (and all its apps network) closes the top 5 of the most downloaded Google Play apps in these years. After rejecting a purchase offer by the Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the application of ephemeral messages is suffering ‘revenge’: Facebook is copying and adapting its main features to their applications. We can see an example with Instagram Stories and the WhatsApp Status.


The photo and video network continues to modernize to make the application an open and safe place for everyone. It has 500 million active users per month


The Pandora Radio music app is the great surprise of the podium and the one that has banished WhatsApp out of the top 5. The idea is to classify the music by analyzing the genes of each song allowing you to create personalized radio stations over the internet. Thus, the user suggests a song and the page generates a list with similar music.


The Facebook messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, is the second most downloaded app in the history of Google Play. The company is testing the reactions, features of Facebook, in Messenger. Among them, it includes the much-demanded ‘I don’t like’ button with the thumb down.


The most powerful social network at the moment tops the list as the most downloaded Google Play app.